Chapter 1

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This first phase is focused on strength building and increasing muscle density. It is important to start with increasing your overall strength for many reasons. The first reason is to get your body used to a rhythm and develop the muscle base you will need to progress through the program. Another important reason is to increase your overall metabolism. Having more muscle mass will help your body adapt to burning fat and utilizing your calories more efficiently.

In this page, I will cover what is needed for the workouts, how to manage the diet, and my tips and tricks to being successful on your fitness journey. You will have everything you need to get going and have a successful first chapter.

Chapter 1 is the first 4 weeks of my 24 week proven program. Each block consists of 4 weeks and there are a total of 6 chapters that will focus on specific strength and dietary goals.

After you’ve seen your results from the first chapter it will be easy finding the motivation for the remaining 6 chapters. The Nutrition Planner provides even more nutrition and diet management, leaving you more time to focus on that fitness!
If you are concerned about your ability to participate in weight training or have special dietary needs, make sure you consult a medical physician before you begin.

Before You Begin

Not everyone will be able to complete all of the workouts in the program in the beginning… That’s okay! If you fall into this category, no sweat; there are tips that I will share with you along the way. My wife is a great example of someone who started this program with very little muscle. I helped her make the necessary modification, so that she could find success in this program.

This program is designed to be hard, and if you have room for improvement, you are in the right place. I try to include alternative workouts for people that may struggle with a particular exercise, or perhaps, don’t have access to certain equipment. Although this program was designed to utilize easily accessible equipment, I understand that everyone’s situation is different which is why I show many different ways to achieve similar results.

“What equipment do I need?”

It is recommended to have access to a gym, but it’s not required. I do all of the workouts in my program in my home. You don’t have to have the nicest equipment. My wife found my home gym at a garage sale for $100. I understand that not everyone will be able to workout in their home for $100, but places like Facebook Marketplace, garage sales, Amazon, and Craigslist are great places to start if you would rather work out at home. If you can’t get a hold of every piece of equipment, you can improvise! Check out the workout plan HERE. You may be able to use one of the alternative exercises.

Recommended Equipment

  • Dumbbells
  • Weightlifting Bench
  • Bench rack
  • Barbell and plates
  • Squat rack
  • Cable machine
  • Leg curl/extension machine
  • Pull-up bar
  • Dip station
  • EZ bar

Meal Plan

During each chapter of the program I encourage a meal plan program as much as, if not more than, the workouts themselves. Much like the physical exercise portion of the Jamina Workout Program, the Jamina Nutrition Planner also emulates what I did to achieve my personal results. This program is designed to be open and honest, and I will do my best to maintain full transparency and disclosure so that you know exactly what to expect.

If you want to go it alone with the diet, I provide some guidelines for that as well.

Again, I want to emphasize that this program is intended to show you what I did for my results. This is not to be taken as medical advice, and your physician’s opinion should take precedence to this program. Make sure you are healthy and capable of adjusting your diet before making any adjustments.

Work Out Structure

The workouts are structured in the common, “reps” (repetitions) and “sets” format. A rep is the amount of times you do a particular workout without stopping, and a set, is how many times to do that workout again before moving on to another. For example, if you see “Pull Ups – 12 – 10 – 8” that means you do 12 pull ups in a row, then rest, then 10 pull ups in a row, and rest again before finishing the last 8.

Frequently Asked Questions

“What if I can’t do 12 pull ups… or 1?”

If you can’t do the workout, that is totally fine. Pull ups are actually one of the hardest bodyweight workouts you can do. In fact, there are a lot of people that can’t do any pull ups at all. If this is you, be encouraged; because by the end of this program, the goal is to have you doing all of the workouts completely.When my wife started, she couldn’t do a pull up, so she used a chair under her feet to do assisted pull ups until she got stronger. In the Jamina Workout Program, I will be sure to include extra notes that show you how to do each workout as well as how to modify the workout so you can build-up to doing one (or more) eventually.

“How much weight should I lift?”

I would recommend starting light. The way the program is designed, is to increase the weight as you go — both on the set, and throughout the program. If you see a workout that decreases in rep number (12 – 10 – 8), I recommend increasing the weight each time. If you see a workout that stays static in reps (15 – 15 – 15), those are generally intended to stay the same weight as well. As a general rule of thumb, lift as much as you can control. If you can’t control the weight, lighten it up a bit. To be honest, I can get a much better workout in with lighter, controlled weight, than I can throwing weight around that’s too heavy just so I can show off — by the way, no one cares how much weight you can lift if you look like a drunken sea lion.

“How long should I rest between sets?”

I generally rest for 1-2 minutes. It gives me enough time to recover, and get back to ‘going hard in the paint’. However, there is no set rule for this program. Some days, I will take extra long breaks. The most important thing is being able to get the workout completed. If you want to take your time, there is nothing wrong with that… unless you have a life to get back to. Remember, the longer you rest, the longer your workout will take.


Supplements, by definition, are not required. If you want to know more about the supplements I use, I do talk about those, in more detail, in my Nutrition Guidelines. For now, here is a list of my favorites:

Start Getting Fit!

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You now have the knowledge and tools you need to begin your fitness journey. Have someone snap a before picture and start pumping that iron! Speaking of before pics… we love to see your results! Shoot us your before and afters in an email or tag us on social media. Make sure you are following us on on our social outlets so you can connect with other Animals, show off your results, and receive special promotions!