Chapter 2

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At this point, you made it to chapter 2, which means you have already knocked out 1 of 6 chapters. If you have completed chapter 1, I would like to personally congratulate you. This program isn’t easy, and making it through a full month’s worth of it is no small feat.

This second chapter is aimed at building on top of what you did in the first chapter. Now that you have a decent muscle base, you can control the weight better as you exercise. As you progress through the next 4 weeks, I want you to really focus on slow, and controlled movements. Be very intentional about each lift.

The goal is to control the weight, each rep, with good form. The goal is NOT to complete the rep. If you are struggling, reduce the weight, or modify the workout. Don’t swing your body or contort yourself just to struggle through your set.


As you are aware, diet is key to success with any fitness program. Whether you are slimming down or bulking up, your efforts in the gym might be wasted effort if you aren’t eating right.

If you are following along with my nutrition planner, you will notice the diet gets turned up a notch with this chapter. While calories weren’t as important in chapter 1, there is now more focus on the amount you are eating.


If you have been taking creatine, as recommended in chapter 1, you may start to notice considerable improvements. As I mention in my post on creatine, it typically takes me about 1 months to really start noticing and ‘feeling’ it.

Once creatine is fully saturated in your muscles and bloodstream, your muscle “pumps” will start to feel much fuller. You have also probably seen a noticeable difference in your energy when lifting, as well.

A protein supplement is also highly encouraged to continue your muscle growth. I also supplement my protein intake with these healthy protein snacks.

Get Fit!

Get after it, and keep working towards your goal… you deserve it. Go ahead and start the next chapter of workouts and dominate weeks 5-8.