Nutrition Planner

The nutrition planner is a digital tool that provides the best information for your diet. Take the guesswork out of preparing your food to match your goals. The Jamina Nutrition Planner is a companion tool that works with the Jamina Fitness Program. As the fitness program progresses, the nutrition planner adapts along the way – kicking your body transformation up a notch each step along the way!

Add your information, and let the program do the rest!

Check your macros, see your target daily calorie intake, prepare a grocery list, or print it and use it as a recipe in the kitchen.

Jamina Nutrition Planner Tool

Select from pre-made meals or add your own and the program will automatically tell you how much to eat!

The program is responsive, which means all of your information is updated as you add it. If you want to make your own recipe, just add the exact ingredients and portion sizes (in grams) into the list. Input the nutrition facts from the labels on the food or Google – just as it is. There is no hard math required.