My #1 Tool for Tracking and Predicting My Weight

Weight Tracker and Predictor

This tool is great for measuring your progress on your fitness journey. While I was on my fitness journey, I thought about quitting many times. In fact, I did “quit”. It wasn’t until I started to look back at my progress that I realized it was ‘worth it’.

How To Use It

It is very simple to use. Just put your email address in the signup field below, and I’ll send you the tool right away. Once you get the email, just open it up and put your first entry in. All you have to do is weigh yourself and put the date in along with your weight into the corresponding columns. The tool does the rest.


  1. Enter email address below and tap “Send it!”
  2. Open the program from your email (it will open as a spreadsheet)
  3. Enter the date in the first column
  4. Enter your weight in the second column


You won’t see anything on the graph until your 2nd entry, and the more entries you have, the easier it will be to predict your progress. The dashed trend line shows an estimate of what you will weigh 30 days from now; this moves ahead every day, so you will always know what to expect in a month.

Reach Your Weight Goals

I hope you find this tool valuable as you progress through your fitness journey. I used this tool for months, myself while I was deployed to the Middle East. I was surprised to find that my estimated weight (the dashed trend line) was nearly 100% accurate. I knew my birthday was coming toward the end of my tour and I was able to predict just how much I would be able to spoil myself after reaching my goal.

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Pro Tip:

Take a progress photo every time you weigh in. It only takes a moment, and you will thank yourself later. Make sure you try to get a photo in the same room, from the same angle, and the same lighting every time.

Free weight tracker tool for losing or gaining weight

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